Woman in mask faints at Singapore mall, no one dares to help

After watching video of an unconscious woman lying on the floor of a Singapore shopping mall with no one coming around to help, Chinese netizens say they would have done the very same thing.
The video, filmed in the Clementi Mall outside of a Jinja Chicken shop, shows a woman wearing a mask fainted on the floor as others eat and go about their business.
One man does come over and kneels down but only to take her temperature with a scanner.

For context, Jinja Chicken told Mothership that a customer had called for an ambulance as soon as the woman fainted and security on the scene had told other mall-goers to stay away, reasoning that the woman may be ill because she was wearing a mask.
The woman reportedly regained consciousness when medics arrived. She was then taken to hospital. Its not clear if she was infected with the coronavirus.
While the inaction of bystanders drew some criticism on Facebook, there have been few critics on Weibo as many Chinese netizens agreed that they too wouldnt dare to check on the woman.
If I was in the situation, I would have done the same, wrote one.
Normally, it is better to let quarantine personnel take care of inspection, added another.
Are you sure this wasnt filmed in the mainland? joked one more.
Over the years, Chinese bystanders have become notorious for their lack of good Samaritan spirit, worried that helping someone could end up getting them sued. Now, theres a new concern  getting infected.


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