Woman returning from Thailand refuses to go into quarantine

A new villain of the coronavirus pandemic has emerged in the form of a Chinese woman returning from Thailand who was extremely reluctant to go into quarantine.
Video from the Chongqing airport on March 22 shows the 30-year-old woman making quite the scene, screaming at epidemic prevention officials as well as fellow travelers who are trying to reason with her.
I will not be quarantined! I want to go home! If you interfere, I will sue you! the woman screams at a worker in a hazmat suit who is attempting to explain the regulations to her.

The woman flew from Thailand to Shanghai before changing to a flight to Chongqing.
She tries to argue that epidemic workers in Shanghai had already cleared her and that she does not need to go into quarantine.
Currently, Shanghai only mandates quarantines for those arriving from 24 countries badly-hit by the coronavirus. Thailand is not on that list.
However, Chongqing announced on March 17 that it would be quarantining all overseas arrivals.
The woman was not happy with this explanation and ended up tearing up her information sheet in protest.
Its unclear how exactly the situation was resolved, however, a spokesperson for Chongqings publicity has given the woman a clear warning:
If she refuses to be quarantined and does not listen to instructions, then she can only return to where she came from.


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