Woman threatens to break quarantine if she doesnt get water

Video has gone viral on Chinese social media of a woman quarantined at a hotel in Shanghai complaining about not being provided with bottled water.
The Chinese woman, who had recently arrived back from overseas, reportedly argued with workers at the star-rated hotel in Pudong where she had been isolated, declaring that she was going to go out and break quarantine because they were giving her any bottled spring water.
Police officers in hazmat suits then arrived to reason with the woman, telling her This is not a hotel. This is a quarantine area.
The woman argued, however, that just because this is a quarantine zone that didnt mean her human rights should not be protected, claiming that she had not had any water to drink for three days straight.
In response, the officer pointed out that each room had a kettle and that she could boil some tap water to drink, just like all her fellow travelers under quarantine.
However, the woman still refused to back down, insisting that even after boiling, the water would still be full of impurities.
The officer wasnt having it, telling her, This quarantine isnt for you to get a vacation!

Netizens have heaped scorn on the woman, suggesting that perhaps she should be sent to a detention center so that she feels less like she is on vacation.


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