Wuhan reports just eight new coronavirus cases over past 24 hrs

With coronavirus craziness kicking off across the globe, Wuhan has actually become a relatively safe place to be.
The epicenter of the Covid-19 virus has reported just eight new infections over the last 24 hours, the lowest figure since the very beginning of the outbreak two months ago.
Just a month ago, the number of new infections each day in Wuhan was in the thousands.
In total, China reported only 15 new infections and 11 new deaths on Thursday to go along with six new imported cases of the virus.
These numbers make China appear like an ocean of calm compared with parts of the rest of the world.
The World Health Organization has finally decided that the Covid-19 virus constitutes a pandemic, Italy has gone into lockdown, Trump has moved to ban foreigners from traveling to the US from most of Europe, the NBA has suspended its season, and even Tom Hanks has caught the disease.
More than 120,000 coronavirus cases have been confirmed around the world over the past few months. Over 80,000 of those were reported in China, though it now appears like it may not be long before the number of total cases confirmed outside of China surpasses that mark.


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