Wuhan will lift its travel lockdown on April 8

In lockdown for the last two months, Wuhan, the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak, will lift its outbound travel restrictions on April 8.
On January 23, Wuhan shut down all outbound train, plane, bus, and ferry connections in an unprecedented move as it became clear to all that the city was the center of a deadly virus epidemic.
Over the next two months, Wuhan became the worlds most infamous city. Most residents were confined to their homes, more than 50,000 people were infected, and over 2,500 died.
However, the city now feels like it has the outbreak under control.

One new coronavirus case was reported in Wuhan on Monday after five consecutive days of no new infections.

On Tuesday, provincial epidemic control authorities issued a notice stating that from April 8, people in Wuhan will be allowed to the leave the city and Hubei province as long as they hold a green health code.
The code indicates that a person has had no contact with anyone infected or suspected to be infected with the coronavirus.
Business operations are also set to gradually resume in Wuhan. Buses and metros are being disinfected so that people can commute once more.

Meanwhile, travel restrictions in other areas in Hubei will also be lifted started on Wednesday.

Migrant workers who have been stuck in the province for the last two months will finally be allowed to leave as long as they hold green health codes and negative nucleic acid testing results.
However, there is still no word on when will schools will reopen in Hubei.


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