Confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide exceed 1 million - Johns Hopkins University

The real-time tally of Johns Hopkins University. [Photo/Screenshot of JHU's online tally]

WASHINGTON - The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide has risen above 1 million, according to the new tally from Johns Hopkins University on Thursday afternoon.

A total of 1,002,159 people have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus across the world, with a death toll of 51,485, while more than 200,000 patients have recovered, showed the tally updated by the university's Center for Systems Science and Engineering.

The United States has reported the most cases, which have surpassed 236,000, along with 5,648 deaths. Italy, with more than 115,000 cases, has seen nearly 14,000 deaths, higher than other countries.

Spain has recorded more than 110,000 cases and 10,096 deaths.


WHO Director-General's opening remarks at the Mission briefing on COVID-19 - 2 April 2020

Over the past 5 weeks, we have witnessed a near exponential growth in the number of new cases, reaching almost every country, territory and area.The number of deaths has more than doubled in the past week.

WHO continues to gather all available evidence and continues to evaluate the potential use of masks more broadly to control COVID-19 transmission at the community level.

This is still a very new virus, and we are learning all the time.

As the pandemic evolves, so does the evidence, and so does our advice.



According to the WeChat public account of "Consular Express", the new crown pneumonia epidemic has continued to spread globally, with severe epidemics in some countries and regions. As the pandemic evolves, the relevant reminder is updated. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds Chinese citizens to fully evaluate the risk of infection caused by travel abroad, and not to travel to Italy, the United States, Spain, Germany, Iran, France, South Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Australia , Brazil, Turkey, Malaysia, Denmark, Canada, Israel, Czech Republic, Ireland, Philippines, Thailand and other high-risk countries. Chinese citizens who are still in the above-mentioned countries should protect themselves, reduce unnecessary travel, avoid international travel arrangements, and beware of cross-infection.

If a local Chinese citizen has had close contact with a new confirmed case of new pneumonia or suspected symptoms such as fever, you should consciously isolate yourself at home and contact the hospital for professional consultation and treatment. In case of emergency, you can contact the Chinese embassy or consulate in China for consular protection and assist.





During the 24 hours of April 2, no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported in Hunan.
As of 24:00 on April 2, a total of 1,018 cumulativeconfirmed cases had been reported in Hunan, 4 people had died, and 1,014 patients had been discharged from hospitals. There was no new cases out of quarantine. Four are under medical observation, all of whom are imported cases.
A total of 27,382 close contacts have been traced, among whom 151 are under medical observation while 27,231 others have been discharged.



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