During the last year, 119 specific reform measures were carried out in Hunan, and a number of major reforms took root in the province.

In 2019, Hunan has deepen its reform comprehensively.


Hunan deliberated on 21 major reform items and projects , made steady progress on 40 key reform tasks identified at the beginning of the year, and completed all 119 specific reform items......

In 2019, the pace of comprehensively deepening reform in Hunan is strong, a number of major reforms have taken root, and the overall effect of the reform has been increasingly evident.

Breakthroughs were made in economic system restructuring.



Supply-side structural reform continued to deepen. A total of 1,563 "messy and dirty" enterprises were shut down, and 48 unsafe small coal mines were closed.

The construction of innovative provinces was accelerated. A three-year action plan for the development of big data industry, the cultivation of industrial Internet APP, and the development of artificial intelligence industry was successively issued.

Hunan accelerates the construction of 30 characteristic towns in three categories: industry, agriculture, culture and tourism, and has completed the replication and promotion of the experience of 144 pilot free trade zones, and introduced nine incentive policies to support the development of the demonstration zones in south and west Hunan. 

New progress was made in the integration of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan. Chenzhou was approved by the state council to build a national sustainable development innovation demonstration zone.


Further progress was made in reform to delegate, regulate, and serve the people.

Hunan abolished 105 administrative powers of various types and delegated 31 administrative powers to provincial-level governments, and comprehensively carried out the reform of handling one thing at a time.


Agricultural and rural reform has stimulated new vitality.


In 2019, Hunan's agricultural and rural reform has further deepened to stimulate new vitality.



Steady progress was made in the reform of the rural land system. Hunan intensified reform to increase or decrease the amount of land used for urban and rural construction, and approved a total of 389,900 mu of projects to increase or decrease the amount of land used for urban and rural construction.

The policy of "One lake and four waters" established an ecological compensation mechanism for the whole river basin, and Hunan has made all-round efforts to reform the ecological civilization system.


In 2019, the reform of the property right system of natural resources assets in the whole province has carried out in a coordinated way. Four pilot areas were selected from three levels of provinces, cities and counties, and five types of natural resources were checked, and Hunan carried out unified confirmation and registration of natural resources.

Hunan fully implemented the judicial responsibility system, and made new progress in reforming the democratic and legal systems and the judicial system.



In the reform of the judicial system, Hunan have fully implemented the judicial responsibility system, completed the construction of a new team and mechanism for handling cases, and formed new working mode,so as to promote the regular schedule of handling cases by leaders of courts and procuratorates.

Focus on difficult points of social system restructuring.


Hunan has deepen reform to focus on the hot, difficult and painful issues of people's concern. In 2019, steady progress has been made in social restructuring, and more and more achievements of reform has been shared equally by the people of the whole province.

The reform of the social security system continued to advance. Hunan took the lead nationwide in implementing provincial-level of old-age insurance for enterprise employees. Changsha city was approved as a national housing rental pilot city.


Breakthroughs were made in comprehensive education reform.

Reform of the medical and health care systems continued to deepen.


Hunan accelerates innovation in the social governance system.


Notable achievements have been made in the reform of the cultural system.


In terms of the reform of the party's building system, Hunan has investigated the leaders from 14 cities, prefectures and some provincial units, provincial-level colleges and universities, and provincial-level enterprises on political development and has continued to improve the system for selecting and appointing cadres.


Hunan formulated 1+5 documents for comprehensively strengthening grassroots construction, and issued 72 supporting policies and documents to support the talented people,and reduce the burdens in the working procedure, to protect and mobilize the initiative and creativity of provincial officials at all levels in their work.


In terms of the reform of the discipline inspection and supervision system, Hunan strengthened inspection work and added 94 inspection groups at the municipal and county levels.





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