5G is coming! 5G5G2


5G is coming! More than 20,000 5G stations will be built in Hunan this year.



The driverless car, remote conference, industrial intelligence... All of these are dazzling high-tech brought by 5G technology.

All 5G application scenarios must be covered by 5G infrastructure.

Hunan province plans to build 20,040 5G sites this year. Since March, the speed of 5G construction in the whole province has accelerated significantly, and it is expected to complete the annual task earlier.


Catch the good chance to build the 5G station.


On February 21 of this year, the general office of the provincial government issued several policies on Accelerating the development of the 5G mobile communication industrywhich clearly requires accelerating the construction and industrialization of 5g network infrastructure in our province.


Multiple 5G application 

scenarios in Hunan 

have a leading position in the country


What scenarios will 5G base station applied to when it is completed?


On April 20, the reporter experienced the automatic taxi service that supported by 5G technology.

On the same day, the first batch of mass-produced driverless taxis in Xiangjiang new area were opened to the public free of charge.

The reporter opened the Baidu map on his phone, and entered the taxi home page, then clicked on automatic driving.

Few moments later, an automatic taxi arrived. Scan the QR code on the car and ready to start the self driving journey.

For the safety of passengers, there is still a safety officer in the driver's seat.

"The vehicle is equipped with sensors, which can automatically sense the surrounding environment, realize auxiliary positioning, obstacle detection and identification of marking lines."

This safety officer introduced to the reporter that during the driving process, he didn't need to hold the steering wheel, and really achieved "liberation".


Through the screen on the vehicle, we can know the driving condition of any vehicle within 200 meters around the vehicle in real time, accompanied by speed limit prompt and lane change prompt.

After ten minutes of steady driving, the taxi automatically stopped at the designated destination.



It has basically achieved all 5g coverage in Xiangjiang new area, which provides infrastructure conditions for the application of intelligent network connected vehicles.

At present, Changsha has attracted 347 affiliated enterprises of intelligent network, and built the whole industrial chain of intelligent network. That is in the leading position in China.


The first 5G base station in China was opened in Hunan last year.

The first national key video laboratory was founded in Changsha, which was the first one in China, Hunan will take this opportunity to promote the reform of the supply side of radio and television, and become a "pioneer" of 5g radio and television.


There will be 20,040 new 5G sites in the whole province this year, for realizing 5g network coverage in 14 cities, prefectures, main urban areas, counties or industrial application fields in need.

As of April 23, there are 5606 5G stations have been opened in Hunan province.

New infrastructure will drive

new consumption this year


Will 5G base station generate radiation? This is a topic of huge concern to many people.


Many citizens are concerned about the radiation of 5G stations.


The expert from the Chinese Academy of Engineering explained that the radiation intensity of the 5G base station is within the range stipulated by the national standard, and there is no need to worry about causing damage to health.


In the construction of communication base stations, China's requirements for radiation standards are the strictest in the world.


In recent years, "new infrastructure" represented by the promotion of 5G construction has become the hottest word from the central and local governments.


This year, Hunan province will support the construction of a number of 5G commercial, big data, artificial intelligence and other new infrastructure projects to stimulate new consumer demand through project investment.

At present, Hunan province is seizing the opportunities on the major policy, to study and research more on "New infrastructure" and launch relevant policies.



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