750 kg of crayfish spilled onto Hunan highway

A tire blow out on an expressway in Hunan province recently caused 750 kg of crayfish to be spilled out on the road.

Afterward, local highway management workers were called in to help clean up the mess, using brooms to sweep the crustaceans off the street and going off-road to pick up as many as possible.

In the end, the trucks owner said that the workers had saved him a bunch of money, estimating his losses for the spill at only around 2,000 yuan ($283).

On Weibo, netizens wrote that the truck owner is lucky that local villagers didnt catch wind of the incident.

Sometimes when a cargo of oranges, melon seeds, pears, live crabs, yogurt bottles, baby chicks, and sulfur powder is spilled out onto the street, locals frantically rush to pick up as much of it as they can with some rare exceptions, like beehives for instance.

Supporters of this practice say that much of the produce is damaged from the crash, and would go bad anyway if they were not gathered up by opportunistic locals. Meanwhile, critics have called it nothing more than shameful looting that puts overworked drivers in an even worse spot.

Back in 2016, one truck driver tried desperately to save his stock of overturned oranges from looters in Jiangxi province. Instead, he was attacked and roughed up by locals who left with bags full of fruit before police finally showed up.



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