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Recently, there are great sunshine in Changsha, a large area of cherry blossom bloom in Yanghu wetland park,looks like a piece of red carpet,many citizens come and walk in the sea of flowers, to enjoy the beautiful Spring.


In the colorful Spring,

cherry blossoms are in full bloom
in Yanghu wetland park.

At this moment,
all kinds of flowers bloom in the park,
it is so gorgeous.

Walk near the crystal-clear lake,
visitors are far from the hustle and bustle,
to have a relax.

In the afternoon,
you can drive to Yanghu wetland park,
go picnics with your family.

Or fly a kite with children,
bring the fishing rod,
or just ride a bike around the river bank,
to feel the beautiful and peace moment.


you can feel free to
take a fresh breath
in Yanghu wetland park.

To enjoy the sunshine in the flowers sea,
take a picture
and remember the happy hours.

April is one of the most
beautiful seasons in the year,
Under the aerial filming,
the lake looks so romantic.

Come and look for
the gorgeous Spring!




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