American writes apology letter for being a total dick at airport

A foreigner who ignited online anger on Wednesday by acting like a total asshole at the Qingdao airport has written a letter of apology to China.
The foreign guy and his two companions reportedly cut in line to take a nucleic acid test at the airport, resulting in complaints from the Chinese travelers waiting in the queue.
One man at the front of the line appears to start to call the police but is interrupted when the foreigner comes over, swipes a form from his hands, and flings it to the ground.
It then becomes a bit hard to hear what the foreigner is saying but he definitely shouts, Theres 8 million Chinese in the USA!
He seems to try to justify cutting in line by explaining that they are going back to the US tomorrow and are just signing.
When one woman shouts out dont come back forever, he responds, Ill come back forever and tell the 8 million Chinese to get out.

However, the American strikes quite a different tone in the apology letter that he wrote at the behest of local police following the incident.
It reads:
Dear Chinese Friends,
I apologize for my improper behavior yesterday. I should of acted in a more civil manner. Instead of yelling profanities, I should of spoken calmly. I hope everyone can pardon my actions. I want you all to know that I respect China, its people, and culture. I wish everyone health and happiness.
The signature at the bottom of the letter looks like a scribble.

Qingdaos health authority has also apologized for allowing the line-cutting to happen.

The woman filming the video of the confrontation mentions that epidemic prevention staff told the Chinese travelers in line to give the foreigners face and let them go first.


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