Auntie blocks wedding convoy by sitting on street

A particularly shameless auntie tried to make some money recently by delaying a couple from tying the knot.
Footage from a street in Chengdu shows the elderly woman sitting in the street in front of a car in the wedding convoy, refusing to move until shes given a hongbao for her troubles.
Passersby can be seen pleading with the auntie to get out of the road but she remains stubbornly on the ground, ironically telling the crowd to move along.

Its unclear if the woman ended up getting paid in the end but it seems like she could benefit from some organization.
Back in 2018, a group of nearly 100 aunties blocked a wedding convoy from leaving a residential community in the Henan city of Luoyang, refusing to move until they were paid off.
After some bargaining on both sides, the aunties accepted a payment of 800 yuan plus wedding candies and cigarettes.
The aunties reportedly learned about who was planning to get hitched from neighborhood security guards and then arrived to block the familys way on that special day. Typically, they were making about 1,000 yuan from each family. Once, they halted five wedding convoys in a single day.



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