Charging piles will cover 122 counties and urban areas in Hunan



Recently, the "New Infrastructure" project was launched in Hunan. It plans to invest 2.39 billion yuan in the construction of specific vehicle charging stations within three years.

This year, 122 counties and urban areas in Hunan's 14 cities and states will be fully covered by charging piles.


The recently launched project of charging stations on the South Changsha high-speed railway station will be able to charge 40 buses and 200 cars a day.


Within three years, 2.39 billion yuan will be invested to build 605 specific vehicle charging stations and 10,480 charging piles in Hunan province.


Within one kilometer of the city, three kilometers of the suburbs, and five kilometers of the county, you can find a charging pile, so that you can visit anywhere without worries.


At present, the ratio of electric cars to charging piles in Hunan province is 4:1. The number of charging piles can not meet the needs of vehicles charging. many new energy vehicles can only be used in the city area, not on the highway.

The Beijing-Hong kong-Macau expressway is the only highway equipped with charging piles in Hunan province, but the usage rate is not very high due to the slow charging speed and small quantity.


In the future, it also plans to build 309 quick charging stations and 1,236 charging piles on expressways to ensure smooth operation of electric cars on the expressway.



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