Chinese Basketball Association wont resume season until July

The Chinese Basketball Association has pushed back plans for resuming its season once again.
Originally, the league, which has been on a coronavirus-caused hiatus since January, had intended to restart its season in mid-April, reportedly planning to play games at a single venue without any fans.
At the end of March, the date was postponed to May. Now, its back to July, if at all.
The decision was announced at a meeting of general managers on Tuesday. According to ESPN, the league has not received clearance from the Chinese government and its not clear when that clearance will come.
If a date can not be confirmed by June, then the season will be canceled.

The hurry to return

This is inconvenient news for all the foreign players who rushed back to China last month after being told that they would be banned from the CBA for three years if they did not come back to finish out the season.
While in mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival, Joe Young of the Nanjing Monkey Kings, ignited online anger last month after being exposed for threatening to break quarantine if hotel workers didnt bring him his delivery order at 3 am.
Earlier in the month, the Shanghai Sharks fired their British MC for comparing the quarantine hotel that he was staying in to a prison, writing I wonder if Ive mistakenly flown to North Korea.

What does this mean for the NBA?

The CBA season had been seen as a potential barometer for when the NBA might resume play again. The NBA announced the suspension of its season on March 11 after one player tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.
If the CBA does start up again in July, that would be a six-month break. If the NBA stays in hiatus for a similar length of time, they wont be back until at least August.
While US President Donald Trump has reportedly pressed NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to consider preparing to restart its season, Silver has said that nothing will happen until they get an all clear from public health officials.



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