Chinese suck blood out of rabid bats: Trump's new spokesman

Helping to explain how he got his new job, the recently appointed spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services has been exposed for making some extremely racist tweets about Chinese people last month.
Sure, millions of Chinese suck the blood out of rabid bats as an appetizer and eat the ass out of anteaters but some foreigner snuck in a bottle of the good stuff. Thats it, Michael Caputo tweeted on March 12 in response to groundless conspiracy theories pushed by Chinese diplomats alleging that the coronavirus began with the US military.
When one Twitter user argued with him, Caputo responded, Dont you have a bat to eat? before telling another user, Youre very convincing, Wang.

A long-time Republican political operative who worked on Donald Trumps 2016 presidential campaign, Caputo made and deleted these tweets before being appointed as assistant secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services for public affairs in April.

The deleted tweets were uncovered in an investigation by CNNs KFile alongside an assortment of others that accused Democrats of hoping that the virus kills hundreds of thousands of Americans and warned of the media creating a panic surrounding the pandemic in order to hurt Trumps reelection chances.
Caputo frequently criticized China in his tweets about the coronavirus, once tweeting #ChineseVirus 20 times in a row. 
When confronted with these past tweets, Caputo defended himself by saying that he tweeted in a spirited fashion as a defender of the President but now that he is a public servant, his tweets will be different.



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