Chongqing to add LED screen to train passing through building

Chongqing has plans to make its mid-residential building train station an even more unusual sight.
Built on the high banks of the Yangtze River, Chongqing is known for its creative use of space including one instance where the sixth to eighth floors of an apartment block serve as a rail transit station with trains running straight through the middle of the building.
Evidently now growing bored of this effect, the city has unveiled plans aimed at jazzing up the Liziba station even further by adding a giant, 300-square-meter LED screen to the entrance which will make it appear as though the train is passing through a hot pot, Chongqings signature culinary method.

On Weibo, netizens are aghast, writing that the effect looks terrible, like a disaster zone, and have likened the whole plan to drawing legs on a snake (), a Chinese idiom for overdoing it.



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