Community worker beats husky to death after it bites little girl

A dog was beaten to death in a residential community in Hunan province after biting and holding onto a little girl.
Video from the scene in the city of Zhangjiajie on April 13 shows the husky holding onto the girls shirt while a man with a club swings down and knocks the animal over the head.
He then swings two more times. The dog stops moving.

The man with the club was a community worker. The property owner said that for the safety of the girl, he had killed the husky.
Fortunately, the parents of the girl said that their daughter was not seriously injured in the incident, just shocked.
The owner of the dog has not been located. Its suspected that the dog likely came in from outside the community.
As in other cases of dog attacks, Chinese netizens have no sympathy for the husky, congratulating the worker on his good work.
They have also heaped scorn on the dogs owner who they believe too much of a coward to step forward and properly compensate the little girl.



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