Crazy crowds swarm Huangshan as China loosens restrictions

After months spent in lockdown, life returned back to normal for tens of thousands of Chinese tourists over the weekend as they crowded into a scenic site over the national holiday.
On Sunday morning at 7:30 am, Huangshan, one of Chinas most picturesque mountains, announced that it would stop receiving tourists after the daily limit of 20,000 visitors had already been reached.
Taking advantage of the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday and loosening regulations, tourists had started to line up to enter the Anhui scenic spot at 4 am that morning. The line was slowed as temperature scans and health QR code checks were conducted on each visitors.
Resulting in scenes like this:

While up on the mountain it was no better:

Heres video of the madness:

The insane number of visitors was increased by officials at Huangshan having the bright idea of offering free entry to residents of Anhui province, apparently worried that people might be too scared to visit the tourist site so soon following the coronavirus outbreak.
Obviously, that was not an issue for many.



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