Delicacies and deals galore in this delivery menu

Take-away and delivery food have been the daily bread of our early spring in the city. However, regardless of how much we adore the local eateries, the craving for variety kicks in after a couple of months.

Thus, for the next couple of months, dive into the wide and varied delivery menu from Cottons! The restaurant has crafted an extensive menu fit for office lunch or a (safe) picnic in the park.

You can use Meituan, Eleme, and Sherpas to unlock the cuisines of the world at Cottons and enjoy special delivery discounts. We are talking up to 42% off selected wines, beers, and poke bowls. Wine and poke bowl lunch anyone?

Check out some of our favorites below!


Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Every good meal starts with an appetizer. Choose from American classics of Chicken Wings (RMB68), Eastern flavors of Spring Rolls (RMB48), or tangy Cheese Quesadilla (RMB58) to get the feast started.


Moroccan Couscous salad

Possibly a common choice now for everyone trying to feel and look a bit better after baking obsession-fuelled home isolation weeks. Opt-in for a good old Cottons Ceasar Salad (RMB78), or a spice-heavy Moroccan Couscous salad (RMB78).

Sandwiches and burgers

Salmon Bagel

But what about carbs??? The delivery menu features breakfast perfection of Salmon Bagel (RMB68), meaty Steak Sandwich (RMB98), or an affordable luxury of a Premium Wagyu Burger (RMB118).


Brussel Sprouts
Eat your vegetables is a slogan unlikely to die down any time soon, so supplement those carbs with cheesy Grilled Broccolini (RMB68), Creamy Spinach (RMB58), or green goodness of Brussel Sprouts (RMB68).

Pasta & Rice

Porcini Mushroom and Iberico Ham Risotto

The evergreen ingredient for all seasons comes alive with the classical Chicken Pesto Penne (RMB78). If you are going for rice, check out the bursting flavors of Porcini Mushroom Risotto (RMB98) and for a spicy kick, order Sichuan Beef Rice (RMB68).


Wild Mushrooms Pizza

Perfect for sharing but even better gobbled alone! Go heavy with Prosciutto-stuffed Calzone (RMB88) or a fall into the Vegetarian dream of Wild Mushrooms (RMB108).

Poke & Fish

Salmon Poke bowl

Welcome to the section of best sellers and discounts! Fresh and healthy lunch comes with the name of Salmon Poke (RMB78, RMB58 for delivery) or Tuna Poke (RMB78, RMB58 for delivery).


Besides all the scrumptious nibbles, Cottons offers bottles of Argentinian Malbec, Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, or a chilled pint of Karl Strauss IPA. For those looking to keep on the alcohol-free side, the restaurant will pack up a fresh cup of coffee or juice.

Find Cottons delivery menu on the delivery platform of your choice!





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