Drunk driver says eating betel nuts caused failed breathalyzer

After being stopped by police on suspicion of drunk driving, a man tried to claim that he had not been drinking alcohol but eating betel nuts.
The humble betel nut is a controversial seed that is commonly chewed in south and east Asia for its warming and stimulating properties. However, this effect comes with a serious price in the form of increased risk for cancer of the mouth and esophagus.
Betel nut consumption is even banned in parts of Pakistan and Papua New Guinea.
Considering these exotic properties, the driver, surnamed Gan, presumably hoped that police in Sichuans Fushun county would take his word for betel nuts being responsible for his failed breathalyzer test.
Instead, one of the officers simply went to buy a bag of betel nuts, ate them on the spot, and then took a breathalyzer test himself. It was negative.

Gan was fined 1,900 yuan, had six points deducted from his license, and has been banned from driving for six months.



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