Foreigner calls out neighbors for throwing trash on ground

Amidst all the anti-foreigner toxicity on the Chinese internet at the moment, one foreign national has at least managed to win the support of netizens in regards to an argument about trash.
In video filmed by the foreigner, he confronts a mother and son at the front of an apartment building in Shanghai, accusing them of having thrown out plastic bags of garbage on the ground outside of the entranceway.
Throwing trash out here is not right, he tells them in Chinese. There are rats and bugs here. Theres a trash can right over there.
After being scolded, the pair then attempt to turn the situation around on the foreigner. The mom switches into full hysterical mode and wails that the foreigner said Chinese people are trash.
Immediately, the foreigner responds by calling her a liar and explaining that an issue of suzhi (), a Chinese word thats a bit difficult to translates but generally means the quality of a person.
Meanwhile, the son apparently calls the police, saying over the phone, A laowai is calling Chinese people trash.
No, thats not right. You are trash, not Chinese people, the foreigner shoots back.

On Weibo, netizens have overwhelmingly voiced their support for the foreigner, accusing the mother and son of having no shame.
This whole kerfuffle comes as a comic strip has gone viral on WeChat, depicting foreigners being sorted and thrown into trashcans for violating coronavirus epidemic prevention rules.



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