French journo on hot mike: They're burying Pokemon

Chinese netizens are calling for a French news presenters firing following a racist whispered comment during coverage of Chinas national day of mourning.
On Saturday, China commemorated those who had lost their lives during the coronavirus epidemic with three minutes of silence as the entire country came to a halt while air raid sirens and car horns sounded.
As live footage from the event was shown on BFM TV, the networks business reporter Emmanuel Lechypre was heard whispering, they are burying Pokemon.

Lechypre later apologized on-air and on Twitter for saying something totally inappropriate when he thought his microphone was turned off.
BFM TV has said that he will be suspended for a week.

As you might expect, Lechypres apology has not been accepted by Chinas internet users who are calling for him to be fired rather than suspended for a week.
China should also stop sending medical supplies to France for a week, wrote one netizen.



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