Gang arrested after picking pockets at event celebrating medics

Amid a joyous celebration of medical workers returning home after helping out in Hubei province, a group of men used all the happiness and jubilation as a distraction to pick some pockets.
The welcome home ceremony for the aid team took place in Yuncheng city, Shanxi province on April 11 after the medics had returned from combatting the coronavirus epidemic in Hubei and completed their quarantine period.
At the ceremony, four pickpockets mixed in among the medical workers, family members, and well-wishers, making off with a total of nine mobile phones and 30,000 yuan ($4,200) in cash, according to local police.
They were later spotted and identified thanks to news footage from the event.

On Friday, authorities in Yuncheng announced that they had captured the gang of pickpockets.
Netizens on Weibo have recommended cutting off hands as the most appropriate punishment for this kind of thing.



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