Grace Chow confirms breakup with Show Luo in open letter

Chinese blogger Grace Chow dropped a massive bombshell on Weibo on Thursday explaining the reasons why she had ended her nine-year relationship with popular Taiwanese singer Show Luo.

Multiplayer games

In a lengthy expos, 31-year-old Chow explains how 40-year-old Luos philandering ways became clear to her when she finally looked at his phone.
If I hadnt done that, I wouldnt have known that you have another phone specifically for picking up girls, Chow writes. It turns out that almost every day I wasnt there you would bring girls home and they were all different girls.
Chow accuses Luo of carrying out relationships with female artists in his agency that he had introduced her to and even his own make-up artist.
She writes that he and his friends are disrespectful to the girls they call before dropping perhaps the most explosive detail of the letter.
Even worse is that you all would often hold multiplayer games (), things that normal people cannot even imagine, Chow adds, referring to orgies.

Chow goes on to wonder how Luo managed to keep up this lifestyle considering how they would often both stay up to 3 or 4 am each morning chatting on the phone.

Where did you find the time? she asks. Did you forgo sleep just for one-night stands?
Chow writes that she was foolish to not have just left him the first time that she caught him cheating, instead of forgiving him each time that he got caught.
I forgave your betrayal every single time. I thought I was the only one who understood you, that could change you, she explains.
Chow says that she is writing this note so that no one ever has this misapprehension again.
Ladies, dont believe that you are the person who can change him because some people really are just born scumbags (You are really so, so, so, so scummy x 100!!!), she adds.
At the top of the note, Chow explains that the two actually broke up a while ago but they kept it quiet amid the coronavirus pandemic. She says she is writing with the benefit of calmness thanks to the passage of time and is not out for reckless revenge.
Despite the cheating, Chow acknowledges that she believes Luo truly loved her and that for the majority of the time she was happy.
Thank you for the companionship over the years, she writes. If you ask me if I regret it, I dont. You made me a better person. Because I loved you, I grew and matured as a person and became more independent.
Chows post has received a mind-boggling 18 million likes.

Show Luo responds and apologizes

Luo has so far responded twice to his ex-girlfriends note but coming in at significantly fewer characters.
Maybe many people are waiting to see how I will respond, but I just want to say that a couple goes through many ups and downs, he wrote in his first response published a few hours after Chows note was posted.
For nine years, we have split up and got back together many times. I will look at my mistakes but many things cant be explained in a few words, he continued.
I am thankful that we met and fell in love. I have no regrets as well.
In his second response, posted early on Friday morning, Luo was much more conciliatory, apologizing to Chow and to all the woman he has deceived and disrespected.

Is Show Luos career now over?

The change in tone may have resulted from Luo evidently being unceremoniously booted from several television shows in the wake of scandal going viral.
Luos image has been removed from the websites of Go Fighting! () and Produce Camp 2020 ( 2019), two popular variety shows that Luo was scheduled to help host.
Following Chows note, netizens had quickly called for Luos removal from the programs, particularly Produce Camp which features young female contestants competing to form a C-pop group.
Most Chinese television programs are known to have morality clauses in contracts with stars, allowing the show to dismiss the star if they do anything that could harm the programs image.



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