Heart-shaped lake a heavenly find in Zhangjiajie



Maoyan River ScenicArea in Zhangjiajie solicits from the whole world to name the Tiankeng lake, which looks like the heart.


Tiankeng "heart" lake is located on the opposite bank of Huilongguan wharf of Pinghu Lake in Maoyan River scenic area. A karst landform cliff becomes the natural barrier between the lake and MaoYan river. The lake is surrounded by thick trees and cliffs. Due to the precipitous terrain, few people have stepped on it, keeping the original ecological appearance all the time. According to the preliminary measurement, the depth of the whole Tiankeng is about 200m, the lake area is more than 200 square meters, the lake water is green and clear.


It is understood that the name of the work is required to be controlled within 6 words, and no more than 200 words of creative ideas and meaning should be attached. Interested parties can subscribe to WeChat official account "Zhangjiajie Mayuan River Tourism" and enter WeChat's collection page operation. If there is any similarity in the name, the first one shall prevail according to the time sequence of submission. Only one name can be submitted at a time.


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