Henan county chief apologizes after journalists roughed up

The top official of a county in Henan province has apologized after government staff roughed up journalists who were trying to report on the funeral of four kids who were found dead at an illegal construction site over the weekend.

The assault at the funeral

The government workers had barred reporters from entering the cemetery, standing in a line at the gate.
When the journalists refused to leave and started filming, the workers started shoving them, snatched their phones away, and caused one reporters glasses to break.

We apologize for the bad effect that the incident head, said Guo Liming, party secretary of Yuanyang county. Staff involved in the conflict have been suspended from their jobs and a further investigation is underway.

Another county official said that they had arranged for some staff to go to the cemetery on Tuesday to keep order, prevent people from gathering in violation of epidemic prevention regulations, and ensure that the deceased can be interred in peace.
Of course, the end result of this move was not exactly peaceful.

The dead kids in the pit

The four children, aged 6 to 10, snuck into the construction site on Saturday through a gap in the perimeter fence before being found dead of suffocation at the bottom of a six-meter-deep pit.
It was quickly revealed that the construction project had not received proper government permits and had been the subject of multiple complaints.
So far, eight suspects have been detained over the tragedy while two local officials have been sacked.



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