Hot pot chain Haidilao reopens outlets while raising prices

Chinas favorite hotpot chain has reopened to customers who are overjoyed but a little put off by the prices.
Following customer complaints, Haidilao told the Beijing News that its rise in prices will be contained to within 6 percent of pre-coronavirus prices.
Different cities will have different pricings.
The price hikes aim to offset the increased costs of ingredients and labor as the chains outlets have moved to institute limits of three to four people per table.
Haidilao closed its doors to customers in late January like other restaurants in China because of the coronavirus outbreak. For the last two months, it has shifted its focus to delivering hot pot meals to customers homes.

The reopening of dozens of Haidilao outlets across the country this week drew the kind of big crowds that officials had been trying to prevent for the last couple of months.
Wait times to get a table in Beijing were reportedly more than two hours during dinner.
To enter the restaurant, customers must have their temperatures checked and their hands sanitized.
They are encouraged to use communal chopsticks and spoons to fish out their food before eating with their own individual utensils.



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