Hunan/Changsha Tourist Spots: May Holiday Restrictions!

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The fireworks canceled on May 1st in Changsha

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the Orange Isle fireworks will be cancelled on May 1st, which is another cancellation of Changsha Orange Island fireworks on major holidays after the the Lantern Festival.


Yuelu Mountain and Orange Isle Scenic spots will restrict the number of visitors from May 1st.

From May 1st , Yuelu Mountain scenic area will implement the upper limit control mechanism of tourists in Lushan scenic area, Orange Isle Scenic Area and Taohualing scenic area. 

When the tourists reaches 30% of the maximum daily carrying capacity of the scenic area, the limit measures will be taken.  Citizens and tourists can pay attention to the official WeChat account of Yuelu Mountain and Orange Isle tourism area. According to the Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area Administration, with the upgrading of consumption in recent years, the number of tourists in Yuelu Mountain scenic area is increasing year by year. 

According to the statistics, in 2019, the number of tourists in Yuelu Mountain scenic spot reached 7.5301 million, the number of tourists in Orange Island Scenic Spot reached 7.849 million, and the peak number of daily tourists in two scenic spots on important holidays reached more than 100000, showing a blowout trend, starting to exceed the pre alarm threshold of the ecological load of the scenic spot, which to some extent affected the quality of tourists' experience, and there was a large potential safety hazard. 

Nanyue Temple closed temporarily

From 12:00 on April 10 in 2020, the indoor scenic spots such as Nanyue temple and Zhurong hall and all religious activities will be closed to the public. The opening time will be notified separately.

Dongjiang Lake tourist area has suspended receiving tourists from other provinces

1. The reception of inbound and outbound tourists is suspended.

2. Strictly implement the reservation system for entering the park, and those who do not make an appointment will not be accepted.

3. Strictly control the number of people entering the park, and implement the standard of receiving individual guests and tour group.

4. The cave in Doushuai island is temporarily closed.

Strictly control the number of people entering the park in Junshan Island Scenic Area

1. Stop receiving inbound tourists.

2. Online booking is recommended.

3. Strictly control the number of people entering the park, and the daily reception shall not exceed 30% of the maximum capacity.


Yueyanglou scenic area accepts the online reservation

Yueyanglou scenic spot has accepted the real name online reservation system to purchase the tickets since May 1, 2020.





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