Kungfu school reopens teaching men to swing bricks from balls

Following the coronavirus lockdown, a kung fu school has opened back up in Shandong province, teaching students how to become more healthy by swinging heavy bricks from their testicles.
The school is run by Master Ye, a tai chi master who holds multiple world records for the strength of his undercarriage, once pulling a helicopter more than 10 meters using only the power of his penis.
This is a kind of traditional Chinese kung fu, Master Ye says about his penis. It has over 1,000 years of history. Many historical records have been passed down to me.
Master Yes feats have inspired at least two students who are seen training in front of the master at his school, one obviously more advanced than the other.
While Master Ye had to suspend operations because of the coronavirus, hes now back in business with individual classes.
If you are interested in facilitating blood flow, removing toxic substances, and speeding up your bodys recovery, look him up in his hometown of Zibo.



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