Man beats ex-wife in front of police station and his own child

A scumbag was recently detained in the Anhui county of Linquan after beating his ex-wife in a very public place.

Surveillance footage shows the man punching and dragging his ex-wife around on the street while the womans sister tries to get him to stop.

This all happened in front of a police station and while their kid looked on.

After a bit of time, police officers rushed out of the station to stop the beating.

While the former couple have been divorced for years, they still live in the same house.

The beating was sparked by the mans jealousy after seeing his ex-wife chatting with some male friends. He was drunk at the time.

He has been taken away by police and will be put in administrative detention for five days but its unclear if he will face any additional punishment.

Just five days? After five days, hell be back doing the same thing, writes one Weibo user.



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