Man found not guilty after 15 years in jail for poisoning kid

After spending 15 years in prison for homicide, a man in Henan province has finally had his name cleared.
Wu Chunhong was arrested for the November 2004 poisonings of two boys in Henans Shangqiu city.

Life in prison

The flour used to make the boys food was reportedly laced with tetramine, a strong rat poison. One of the boys died while the other survived.
Wu was fingered as the chief suspect because of some earlier disputes he had with the boys families.
In June 2005, he was given a life sentence for intentional homicide by the Shangqiu Intermediate Peoples Court.
However, there was obviously something wrong with Wus case.
The Henan High Peoples Court ordered a retrial only for the lower court to confirm the verdict. This happened two more times until the high court finally upheld the ruling in 2008.

Not guilty

However, Wus family never stopped protesting his innocence, eventually resulting in Chinas top court, the Supreme Peoples Court, ordering the Henan High Peoples Court to retry the case once again.
On Wednesday, the court ruled Wu not guilty due to insufficient evidence.
While the wheels of Chinese justice certainly turned slowly for Wu, at least he was around to witness his exoneration.
In 2016, a Hebei teenager named Nie Shubin was finally found not guilty of rape and murder, 21 years after being executed for those crimes.
Wu will now be entitled to state compensation.


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