Mans lightning quick dad reflexes saves son from being run over

A father in Zhejiang province recently showed off some impressive dad reflexes while crossing the road with his son.
Surveillance footage from an intersection in the city of Jinhua shows the father and his 5-year-old son walking across a pedestrian crossing together with the dad a bit in front.
The father looks to the left and notices that a car is coming toward them and not stopping. His kid does not notice and runs ahead, straight into the cars path.
In a flash, the dad reaches out to grab his son, stopping him just in time.
The car still hits the kit, sending him to the pavement. The father reacts immediately by shouting and pointing at the driver.

The child was not injured in the collision.
Meanwhile, the driver was not seriously affected either, receiving a 200 yuan ($28) fine and losing three points on his license.


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