Monkey in park destroys woman's 30,000 yuan handbag

A mother and son recently paid a rather expensive visit to a park in the Guizhou capital of Guiyang.
While the price for a ticket to the park was only 2.5 yuan ($0.35), the experience ended up being significantly more costly after a monkey got ahold of the moms handbag.
The mother, surnamed Feng, said that she had some melon seeds inside the bag, possibly explaining why the monkey ended up snatching it away before biting and clawing at it on the ground, turning down Fengs polite offers to unzip it for him.
Feng told reporters that she had the bag for years but that she had bought it for a whopping 30,000 yuan.

Guiyang is known for its mischievous monkeys. In 2018, one was caught on video raiding a local grocery store, causing 3,000 yuan in damages.



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