Netizens say notorious student is back torturing dogs again

Chinese netizens are after an infamous Nantong University masters student who they believe is torturing dogs once again.

The student, surnamed Chen, ignited anger last April by filming himself pouring a kettle full of boiling water on a caged dog at a university-affiliated hospital where he worked and uploading the video to WeChat.

Afterward, animal lovers gathered outside Chens flat looking to confront him. Police had to step in before the scene got any more out of hand.

Chen was subsequently suspended by the university which recommended that he undergo treatment and psychological counseling.

Now, however, netizens believe that Chen has struck again.

They say that he posted disgusting videos of himself abusing dogs onto a QQ chat group and wrote messages describing how much he enjoyed torturing dogs via wasabi, water, and high-voltage electric shocks.

In the clips, the torturers face is not shown, though his voice does sound similar to Chens from the video last year.

When asked in the chat group about how many dogs he has tortured, he responds hundreds.

I am very interested in watching the dogs painful struggle.

In response to the matter, a Nantong University spokesperson has said that its not clear if the man in the videos is, in fact, Chen.

The spokesperson explained that Chen remains suspended from school and is still receiving treatment.

I have learned through contact with the students parents that this incident was not caused by Chen, the spokesperson added, suggesting that netizens ought to report the matter to police and let them work it out.

This saga comes shortly after a university student in Shandong province was kicked out of school for filming and selling videos of himself torturing cats to death.

The student has begged for the forgiveness of Chinas net users.

In the future, I will be the type of person who cherishes animals to make up for my mistakes. I urge you to believe me and give me a chance to change, he wrote on Weibo.



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