Nigerian coronavirus patient bites nurses face

A Nigerian man with coronavirus has become the latest foreigner to face calls for deportation from Chinas internet.
The 47-year-old man, identified as Okonkwonwoye Chika Patrick, allegedly attacked a nurse on Wednesday morning while attempting to flee from a hospital in Guangzhou where he is receiving treatment and being kept in isolation.
When the nurse attempted to stop him, he reportedly shoved her to the ground, beat her up, and even bit her face.
Viral footage shows the nurse in tears with scratches on her face very near her eyes. She also suffered minor injuries to her neck and waist.

Its unclear what exactly set the man off. He arrived in Guangzhou on March 20 and was put into isolation after testing positive for the Covid-19 virus.
For now, he will remain in treatment under police supervision. Once he recovers, criminal charges will be pressed against him, said local authorities.


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