Nigerian lawyers plan to sue China for $200 billion

A group of lawyers in Nigeria have plans to sue China for damages inflicted upon their country by the coronavirus outbreak.

Nigeria vs. China?

The lawyers are demanding that China pay Nigeria a whopping $200 billion for the loss of lives, economic strangulation, trauma, hardship, social disorientation, mental torture, and disruption of the normal, daily existence of people in Nigeria.
In a statement, the groups lead counsel on the case, professor Ephiphany Azinge, said that they plan to first take the matter to the federal high court of Nigeria before persuading the Nigerian government to take action against China at the International Court of Justice at the Hague.
Of course, there is almost no chance of Nigeria actually doing that and absolutely no chance of China ending up paying a single dime.
So far, Nigeria has reported only 1,337 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 40 deaths, a tiny portion of the worlds overall totals.

China vs. the world?

Judging by the Nigerian lawyers scale, other countries could ask for much, more from China.
Earlier this month, Egyptian lawyer Mohamed Talaat filed charges against China, demanding $10 trillion in damages to Egypt.
The State of Missouri has also filed a lawsuit seeking to hold Chinese leadership responsible for the global pandemic.
US President Donald Trump also appears fond of the item, saying at a press conference on Monday that his administration was conducting serious investigations into Chinas handling of the coronavirus outbreak and would be seeking very substantial damages from Beijing.
For its part, China has flatly rejected any argument that it is to blame for the pandemic, asking if the US was blamed for the 2009 H1N1 outbreak and touting its own prevention and control efforts for buying the rest of the world time.



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