Shandong university kicks out student who tortured cats to death

A university student in Shandong province has been kicked out of school after making some extremely disturbing videos of himself torturing and killing cats.
In the videos, the student reportedly tortures stray cats by skinning them, gutting them, burning them alive, and shocking them with electricity.
He then sold the videos online for money.
In total, the student is believed to have tortured around 80 cats to death in just two months.
Chinese news media have included some very blurry segments from the students videos in their reports on the case.

Last week, the student created a Weibo account and issued an apology, begging for forgiveness from netizens.
In the future, I will be the type of person who cherishes animals to make up for my mistakes. I urge you to believe me and give me a chance to change, he wrote.
Chinas net users didnt accept this apology and neither has the students school.
On Wednesday, the Shandong University of Science and Technology issued a statement on Weibo, confirming that after investigation its student, Fan Yuanqing, had abused cats shared videos of cat abuse.
The university said that Fan would be kicked out of school, in accordance with regulations.
Its unclear if Fan will face any further punishment for the videos.The campus police told reporters that they would not pursue the case because Fan shared the videos from his home in the city of Weifang so it is outside their jurisdiction. School is, of course, not in session at the moment.



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