Singapore PM's wife thanks Taiwan after initially saying "errrr"

Singapores first lady has made an apology of sorts after throwing shade towards a donation of medical supplies from Taiwan over the weekend.
On Saturday, Ho Ching, wife of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and CEO of state-owned Temasek Holdings, shared a news post on Facebook about Taiwan donating medical masks to Singapore with the simple, sarcastic caption of Errrr.
The dismissive caption puzzled locals and outraged many in Taiwan with some calling for the Taiwanese government to take back the gift. Meanwhile, her Facebook page was bombarded with Errr comments.
In response to the anger, Ho edited her Facebook post on Monday, adding in lines of emojis and rambling paragraphs while saying that she is forever grateful to all our friends and friends of friends in Taiwan.
Ho failed to actually address her original errrr comment and instead called for humanity to put aside its cyber disputes and fight together against their common enemy  the little bug.
Heres the whole thing:

The shade of Hos initial cryptic comment appears to have been aimed at Taiwan not donating or allowing the export of masks to Singapore during the initial coronavirus outbreak, when they were most needed.

Taiwans government banned the export of face masks back in January.
A subsidiary of Hos Temasek Holdings was manufacturing masks in Taiwan but shifted production back home because of the ban.
However, Taiwans Finance Minister has said that the companys masks were actually exempt from the export ban, pointing out that a shipment was shipped back to Singapore on January 29.
Meanwhile, Taiwans Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that the donation of masks to Singapore will not be revoked and, despite Hos comment, the country was very happy about the gift.



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