Some students in Shanghai finally return to school

Following an extended coronavirus-caused hiatus, some students in Shanghai finally returned back to class.
All of Shanghais schools had been closed since January with the Covid-19 outbreak prompting an extended winter break that lasted until the semester was finally resumed on March 2 via online classes.
With the epidemic being brought mostly under control, schools have been resuming across China for more than a month.
On Monday, graduating middle and high school students (Years 9 and 12) became the first in Shanghai to return to their schools, going through multiple temperature checks before finally being allowed back in their classrooms.

Year 8 and 11 students are set to return to school on May 6, after the Labor Day holiday, followed by other grade levels on May 18 apart from Years 1 to 3, which remain closed until further notice.

Beijing also reopened its schools on Monday, though only to graduating high-schoolers.
The date for Chinas all-important gaokao, the national college entrance exam, has been pushed back a month until July 7 and 8.



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