Star Wars Theme Park Opens! Win tickets!

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The brightest news to hit Changsha in 2020 will surely be this... From next week the official opening of the new, and deliberately under-promoted- Star Wars themed adventure park opens in Changsha (on the dark side of the 'Window of the World' park)!

As we await the return of Star Wars to our screens, why not check out this gem of place! Called Star Wars: Galaxys Edge, this new theme park is set across 14 acres in Changsha. Its slated to open on April 5th, however its near-identical twin park will open at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, this week.

The development has reportedly cost $1 billion to produce, and with just a few days before the Changsha site opens, new photos from the park have got some fans from across Asia and the world very excited. Don't miss out!

As well as the attractions and rides, therell be of course a number of restaurants and cafes, including an Ogas Cantina (presumably playing the one same song on repeat all day).

A one-day, one-park ticket will set you back 288 but WNIC has been given several tickets to give away at the rock bottom price of just 38 (valid until the end of April)!

WNIC has just 10 cheap tickets to give away.

Simply follow the below official account and see what to do next!

 > How to claim your tickets (jumps to Red Lion Pub).


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