Student tortures cats to death, sells videos online

A student at the Shandong University of Science and Technology is under investigation after making some extremely disturbing videos of himself torturing and killing stray cats.
In the videos, the student reportedly tortures the cats by skinning them, gutting them, burning them alive, and shocking them with electricity.
He then sold the videos online for money.
In their reports on the case, Chinese news media have included some very blurred segments from the students videos.

In total, the student is believed to have tortured around 80 cats to death in just two months.
The university has confirmed that the videos do indeed come from one of its students. The student has deleted the videos and the matter is now under investigation.
On Thursday night, the student created a Weibo account and issued an apology, begging for forgiveness from netizens.
In the future, I will be the type of person who cherishes animals to make up for my mistakes. I urge you to believe me and give me a chance to change, he writes.
This all comes on the same week that a number of stray cats have been found shot with darts in Beijing.



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