Teacher sentenced to 2 years in prison for molesting student

A teacher has been sentenced to two years in prison for sexually assaulting a student, leading to her tragic and infamous suicide.

The suicide

The 19-year-old student, surnamed Li, sat on the 8th floor window ledge of a hotel in Qingyang, Gansu province for four hours on June 20, 2018 as firefighters tried to convince her to return to safety while a crowd of a few hundred gathered in the street below.

After hours went by, some in the crowd started to get impatient, shouting Jump quickly! and How have you not jumped yet!

Several onlookers shot video of the suicidal young woman, uploading them to social media with vile captions like I waited an hour under the sun for you to jump off the building and Jump quickly, I have to go pick up my kids.

Eventually, Li began hanging from the ledge with the firefighter desperately trying to convince her to grab his hand. Brother, thank you, but I have to go, she told him before letting go.

In video of that moment, the firefighter trying to save Lis life can be heard crying out in agony while the crowd below gasps and shouts, before cheering and applauding after she hits the ground.

On Weibo, many netizens accused those in the crowd of effectively nudging Li off the ledge.

The onlookers who amused themselves were the ones who extinguished the last hope in the womans heart, one commenter wrote at the time.

Afterward, multiple onlookers were detained by police.

The reason

According to Lis family, Li had been depressed for the previous two years after she was sexually assaulted by her teacher. She left behind a heart-wrenching, six-page letter accusing her teacher and asking for justice.

In the letter, Li says that on September 5th, 2016, when she was 17 years old, she went to her high schools medical room after being troubled by a stomachache. Lis teacher, surnamed Wu, went to check on her in the resting area and took the opportunity to inappropriately touch her face, kiss her mouth, and bite her ear. He then continued to touch her lower back and tear off some of her clothes. Luckily, another teacher walked into the medical room and Li was sent back to her dorm.

In the aftermath, Wu was demoted, received some unspecified disciplinary action, and was ordered to apologize to Li, but was still kept on as a teacher. Meanwhile, the school offered Lis family 350,000 yuan if they would waive their right to sue Wu. Lis father turned down the offer.

Li then went to the police with her allegations. However, they proved similarly unhelpful with a court deciding not to charge Wu with any crime, reasoning that there was not sufficient evidence and that the teachers actions were not severe. Wu was released after 10 days of detention, claiming that he had only touched Li in the process of giving her a physical check-up.

After that, Li stopped her pursuit of justice. She suffered from depression and from PTSD. She had twice tried to kill herself by swallowing pills before finally ending her life by jumping from the building.

The verdict

Li finally received some form of justice this week with a court sentencing Wu to two years in prison for forcible indecency.

After he gets out of prison, he wont be allowed to work a job involving children for three years.

Lis father is unhappy with the severity of the punishment and said that he will appeal the decision.

Netizens are similarly outraged, writing that Wu deserved the firing squad and certainly should never be allowed near children again.



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