The beautiful poems posted on the package of relief supplies

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Yqng zi qunqi mnyn, ggu zh jin hxing zhyun, wmen xingxn i b bngd chunb d gng kui!The epidemic is spreading around the world, and countries support each other. We believe that love spreads faster than the virus! Zi zhnggu junzng de wz shng, tizhe yxi zhngwn de shj, wnnun rnxn!Some Chinese poems posted on the package of relief supplies donated by China are really warm and sweet! Y qli kn kn ba!Let's take a look!
Zhnggu Fizhu

Zhnggu Fgu

A partnership forged with the right approach defies geographical distance; it is thicker than glue and stronger than metal and stone.

Jio d q do, qinl tngho, g y jio q, jin y jnsh.

Zhnggu Ydl

Its a poem written by Li Rihua in Ming Dynasty and presented to Italian missionary Matteo Ricci.

Chz zhnggu mng cho wnxu ji lrhu zngsng gi ydl chunjio sh l m du de sh wn.

Rbn Zhnggu

Zhnggu Rbn

Zhnggu Hngu

Zhnggu Si'rwiy

Tign pngyu, fngy tngxng.

Zhnggu Blsh

Zhnggu Dgu

Zhnggu Ynd

N lin zhng dng li, x sh j qin qi.

Zhnggu Ylng

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