The first man out of Wuhan

When Wuhan finally lifted its travel lockdown after 76 days at midnight on Tuesday, a man surnamed Xiong was the first one out.
First in line at the toll station, Xiong told reporters he had been waiting there since 4 pm that afternoon.
Xiong works in Wuhan. Ahead of Spring Festival this year, his wife took their child back to their hometown outside of the Hubei city of Huanggang.
He had intended to finish up his work and then head back to Huanggang on January 23 to celebrate the Chinese New Year with his family.
Instead, Wuhan went into lockdown because of the coronavirus, trapping him in the city for more than two months without his wife or kid.
Its only about 80 kilometers from Wuhan to Huanggang. He says the drive usually takes him 40 minutes.



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