Tiger spotted walking in endless tiny circles at Beijing Zoo

Netizens have recently become concerned for a tiger at the Beijing Zoo that has been spending its time walking in endless circles.
Footage from the zoo shows the white tiger walking around and around and around, following this pattern so frequently that it has made a marked circular path on the ground of its enclosure.
Walking in tiny circles is believed to be a psychological response from tigers when they are not able to roam around freely. A tiger at a Thai zoo did the same sort of thing last year when it was kept on a 3-foot chain.

The Beijing Zoo responded to the viral video on Sunday, explaining that the footage is from March and that the tigers behavior has already been corrected by keepers.
Netizens, however, remain less convinced, worrying that the tiger is feeling depressed inside its tiny enclosure.
Its possible that the tiger might be happier at another Beijing zoo, the Badaling Wildlife Park, where, back in 2016, a woman was infamously killed by tigers after getting out of her car during a safari-like drive through the big cats enclosure.



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