Tourist injured after staff somehow forget to open gate of swing

A tourist was injured over the weekend on a new flying swing attraction in Henan province due to a small operational error made by staff.
The flying swing ride on top of the 268-meter-high Zhongyuan Tower is designed to give visitors a thrilling view over the Henan capital of Zhengzhou.
Instead, the ride stopped shortly after it began for one tourist with staff forgetting to actually open the gate so that she slammed straight into it upon release.

The tourist suffered only a sprained ankle from the collision which shattered the gate and nearly sent parts plummeting down from the tower.
For now, the attraction has been suspended. It was only added recently when the scenic spot opened back up earlier this month following the loosening of coronavirus restrictions.
The tower is the worlds highest steel tower. It is rated as a national 4A-level scenic spot, the second-highest possible rating. Heres how the swing is supposed to look:



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