University teacher murders student after she breaks up with him

A university teacher in Anhui province is being charged with murder after killing a young woman who was his ex-girlfriend and former student.
The 33-year-old teacher at the Anhui Polytechnic University, surnamed Guo, met 19-year-old Han Han last year. The two became a couple, however, the relationship was not a stable one.
According to a Red Star News report, Guo repeatedly threatened to fail Han if she broke up with him, vowing that he would not let her graduate.

After the two did break-up, Guo continued harassing and threatening Han before finally making good on his promise.
On September 19, 2019, he trailed Han for nearly an hour before taking out a knife and stabbing her more than ten times, police found.
His case will soon be heard by a local court in the city of Wuhu.



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