Wuhan apartment owner finally returns home to close window

After two months spent fluttering in the wind, the mystery of the curtain in Wuhan has finally been solved.
It was back on a cold day in February that a Wuhan resident first noticed the red curtain dancing in the breeze outside of a neighbors open window.
While in lockdown, each day, she would check and see that the window remained open and the curtain remained fluttering.
Video of the curtain started going viral with netizens wondering what became of the apartments owner and how wet their floor would be when they finally did return.
The mystery became popular enough that it eventually caught the attention of the apartments owner who made a special trip over the weekend to pull the curtain inside and shut the window.

He explained to reporters that he lived out in the suburbs with his parents and hadnt closed the window after cleaning up the apartment to let the room breathe a bit.
We certainly suspect that the place must now be very well ventilated.



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