Wuhan ends travel lockdown after 76 days

After a lockdown that lasted for more than two months, Wuhan has finally allowed its residents to leave the city again.
On January 23, Wuhan shut down all outbound train, plane, bus, and ferry connections in an unprecedented move as it became clear to all that the city was the center of a deadly virus epidemic.
Over the next two months, Wuhan became the worlds most infamous city. Most residents were confined to their homes, more than 50,000 people were infected, and over 2,500 died.
However, by March, the city began reporting zero new infections, leading to authorities announcing that they would lift the lockdown on April 8.
Before midnight on Tuesday, long lines of cars waited at expressway tollgates for the decision to take effect.
Workers counted down until the appointed time when they removed barriers and allowed cars to pass through for the first time in months.

Meanwhile, travelers flocked to the citys railway station. The first train out of town was to Guangzhou. 442 passengers boarded the train in Wuhan which departed shortly after midnight.

A total of 276 passenger trains are expected to leave Wuhan on Wednesday, carrying over 55,000 passengers.



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