Xiaomi exec jokes that new phone is great for creepshots

A senior Xiaomi executive has been forced to apologize after marking a couple of perverted jokes to promote the release of his companys newest phone.
On Friday, Xiaomi vice president Chang Cheng () looked to hype the new Mi 10 Youth Edition 5G by pointing out some potential uses of its 5x periscope camera to his 3.4 million followers on Weibo.
As others watch and cheer for you while you score the basketball, I am looking up your shorts, reads one potential advantage of the zoom listed by Chang.
Across from every beautifully dressed woman in the girls dormitory, there is a (@>_<@) room, reads another.
It didnt take long before Chang was called out for his creepiness and his post went viral. A hashtag of only his name currently has more than 59 million views.
Chang has since deleted the post. In its place, he has issued several apologies, writing that his understanding of public space speech was seriously inadequate and that he let Xiaomi fans down.
To try to smooth over the incident, Chang has made a 100,000 yuan ($14,000) donation to a youth education charity, posting the receipt on Weibo.

Successful Chinese tech execs have a long history of juvenile sexism.
Most memorably, female workers at tech giant Tencent were once made to give their male colleagues simulated blowjobs on stage at a company event in 2017.



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